We were asked to create Mobile solutions that empower them to focus on & enhance their core businesses.

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We offered end-to-end mobile solutions the world over, and our expertise in direct-to-consumer platform services and enterprise solutions ensure that our clients are always equipped and empowered. We also provide device testing and certification, digital enterprise services, and green and sustainability solutions.

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Timesheet Summary for a month

Features over Features

After boiling down a long list of requirements and expectations from the team, we ended up with an array of features that find use in day to day life using Mobile.

I built the user experiences which are easy and accessible enough for everyone to get started with them right away.

My job as a designer is always to turn complex things into simple solutions that everyone can understand. In this case added complexity came through a lot of features that people in the team have never heard of—let alone used before. And the name alone won't teach the functionality behind it.

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The challenges

After months of groundwork and app designing and development, it was time to use the learnings about positioning and understanding of how the clients interacting with the actual app

Their new application was going to be their main hub to introduce and make the local employees feel better with our solutions

In the end

Working so closely with the management of the company right from the start, and being able to touch so many different aspects of the digital experience for Mobile and to developing the app, to creating the simple solutions and finally launching the product gave us many insights and sharpened our eye in more ways than words explain.

Project - Mahindra