Vasanth R

Vasanth Ramachandran — A Digital Product Designer from Chennai, India, who focuses on interactive experiences & mobile apps & love to travel the world

My Expertise

  • Digital Product Design

  • UX & UI Design

  • Website Design & Development (HTML5, CSS3, Jquery)

  • Front End Development

  • iOS / Android Mobile Apps

I started my career by learning by myself and through online tutorials and sheer motivation, starting with small challenges in the early stages of his career before moving on to bigger ones.

I believe that my job as designer comes with a greater responsibility than just defining client goals and creating a strategy to fulfill. I embrace my commitment to helping our clients set higher goals by innovating technology. I will look past the problem and solution to explore the unchartered potential of every client and the vast possibilities with modern technology. Also believe that client's brand should be precisely what they have imagined - and even more so.

The benefit I got here is that I have prevented from overthinking and killing my buzz. When I work on something because I feel like having to, not just because I wanted to.

Traveling is the best gift that I can give to myself

I always wanted to travel around the globe and I'm grateful that my job allows me to work from anywhere in this world. I traveled to 30 cities in 16 countries. I propose that a nomadic lifestyle is a productive way to build a real company. I’m working hard on bootstrapping an ambitious product,

It makes more inspiring than traveling to other places rather than sitting in a comfort zone. being constantly surrounded by novelty reduces my boredom and increases my focus, and even makes me feel healthier and more creative.

I will start writing my blog about my travel experience very soon.

Meanwhile take some time here to explore Some of my projects that have truly engaged me.

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